Daily steps to have a Healthy You

3 Daily steps to have a Healthy You

Josh Billings once said, “Health is like money. We never have a true idea of its value until we lose it.” We see so many of our fellow human-beings beginning to take care of their health after they have had a major health scare. But why wait till then? Why not begin working towards maintaining the good health we have been born with on a daily basis? Prevention is always better than the cure. Small steps can be taken daily to make a huge difference in our overall health.

Eliminate Clutter

Clutter around us is the physical representation of confusion in our mind. Many ancient philosophies and texts, like Feng Shui and Vaastu Shastra, talk about how clutter restricts the flow of healthy and cleansing energy in our environment and through our bodies. Clutter around us mentally weighs us down which in turn leads to an unhealthy lifestyle and illness. An example of clutter in your kitchen is white flours, sugar, and unhealthy oils, when you are trying to live and eat healthy.

Take Supplements

Talk to your doctor about whether you need to add supplements to your diet in the form of specific foods or supplements. If you are deficient in any important minerals or vitamins, then adding supplements will help you get glowing skin, fight stress, and reduce inflammation in the body.

Get Enough Sleep

Many of us need at least eight hours of sleep. This amount of sleep is needed by our bodies to deal with stress, reduce inflammation and allow cells to rejuvenate and repair damage while also allowing us to keep functioning at our optimum levels both mentally and physically when we are awake. If this need is not met, it can result in fatigue, mental fog and illness. To get a good night’s sleep, consider shutting off all technological devices such as computers, cell phones, TVs, and anything else creeping in from the outside world at least one hour before bedtime.


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