Fall in Love with your Sweet Self

Fall in Love with your Sweet Self

We lay so much emphasis on falling in love with others, going out of our way to do something for them, appreciating them, taking care of them and so on. In the process, we tend to forget about ourselves. Even in the course of our daily life, we have a tendency to forget to love ourselves, putting ourselves last, postponing activities that are good for our well being, losing faith in ourselves, relying on validation from others and so on. It is important for your mental health and physical well-being to also love yourself. After all, how will others love you if you don’t love yourself? There is nothing selfish about loving yourself. Loving oneself is no different from the way you love others. It can range from recognizing and understanding your own needs and how to meet them to learning to understand your own self-worth and appreciating yourself. Read on to find out how you can fall in love with your own sweet yourself:


Writing is a great way to understand and get to know yourself. Writing down your thoughts on a regular basis will help you to learn more about yourself.

Compliment yourself:

Make it a habit to acknowledge the good things about yourself whenever you notice them. This way you don’t rely on others for a sense of validation, making you more self-confident in the process.

Have a movie date with yourself:

How much talking do you do during a movie anyway? Treat yourself to a date. Whether it’s a deep and soulful experience or just a night off from your hectic life, we all deserve a break sometimes, and there is no greater company than you.

Go out for dinner with yourself:

There’s no rule that you can’t wine and dine with yourself. Is there a new restaurant that you’ve wanted to try out but your friends are too busy to come along. GO ahead and make that reservation for yourself. Bring along your favorite book and enjoy your meal.


Giving back to society not only helps others but also makes you feel good about yourself and also helps your mental and emotional well-being. Get involved in a cause that interests you.

Visit a bookstore.

Browse through a bookstore and get lost in the different worlds and experiences they offer.

Carrie Bradshaw has said “Don’t forget to fall in love with yourself first.” Learning to spend time with and appreciating yourself in the manner you want others to do will make you a healthier, stronger person. Embrace yourself and be you.


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