Managing diabetes

Managing Diabetes Is Not a Science, It is an Art

Good health is a journey. It’s never about the destination but everything you do to get there and like all meticulously planned journeys, the devil is in the details. Diabetes is just a hitch-hiker some of us tend to pick up on our cross-lifetime road trip. We can either grumble about its presence or make our peace with it, try to understand it better and make the most of its companionship as best as we can. The final choice lies with us.

Like all social relationships, managing diabetes is an art too. You don’t need a degree in science to tell you that sugar is no longer good for you. What you need is a creative approach to bring the fun back into diabetes. A new companion on your life journey will require making a few adjustments in your lifestyle choices like dietary changes and a regular exercise regimen. The former is quite easy to implement. With Kaloree1, an effective sugar substitute, you can enjoy the taste of sweetness without the insulin spikes that regular table sugar brings. You can continue being in charge of the speed and direction of your journey instead of handing over the controls to diabetes which may end up taking you on a roller-coaster of a ride. Sticking to the same old recipes and exercise routine can get tedious and unmotivating, tempting one to stray from the path of good health choices. This is where managing diabetes turns into an art.

Coming up with different creative recipes and mixing up your exercise routine can go a long way in making the journey a bit more fun. Try various options like zumba, yoga, swimming, etc. and check out new recipes to learn how to add a little bit of sweetness into your favourite goodies the healthy way.


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