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Can’t Have My Tea without Sugar

Tea is among one of the most popular beverages in the world. From China in the East to America in the West people across the world wake up in the mornings to reach groggily for their morning cup of comfort. It also features in history books. Remember reading about the Boston Tea Party? It’s a part of cultural customs in China and Japan. Thai women even have a special tea for weight loss. Wherever you go in India, you are offered tea as a sign of welcome hospitality. The varieties and ways of preparing it are endless.

If you are an Indian, you don’t want a fancy version of tea in the morning. You need your regular cup with milk and sugar and just the right amount of tea leaves brewed to perfection like your mother made it. Deprive an Indian of this sacred morning routine and we turn in miserable, grouchy messes. Tea is our equivalent of manna. It is so important that work comes to a standstill in bureaucratic circles when its tea-time. It’s that crucial a part of our lives. Don’t underestimate tea in India.

But what if you get a cup of tea which has too little or too much of sugar or milk or tea leaves? It ruins the entire mood and you begin to feel short changed. As if you have been promised a glimpse of Ali Baba’s famous cave with its treasures and were finally only shown the rock that blocked the cave’s entrance.

That’s how I feel when I’m given tea without sugar. It’s a bland, milky, tasteless mess. What evil being can even think about serving such a thing? And I pity the people who have to drink it. Thank goodness for best artificial sweetener for diabetics in India! If it hadn’t been for them, I would have had to give up drinking tea! And then where would I be?


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