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It’s A Sweet Life

I live in a one bedroom, hall and kitchen flat with my parents and my parents-in-law along with my 5-year-old nephew. Everyone in the family, except for me, is a diabetic. I lost my husband, his brother and sister-in-law in a road accident a few years ago. I have learned that life is short, health is the only true treasure one possesses, the best gift that one can give is one’s time and happiness is a matter of choice. Besides helping my family overcome this tragedy, I also need to motivate them to stay healthy and fit by being a healthy role model myself. Keeping a 5-year-old away from sugar and sweets has been the biggest challenge.

Luckily, help comes in the form of small blessings like artificial sweeteners and alternatives. My own creativity helps too and I love involving him in the planning and cooking process as we cater to the needs of the seniors. We motivate each other to stay fit and make healthy life choices.

Whether it is doing our daily chores, finding fun workouts that we can do as a family, managing our sugar levels or inventing healthy variations of popular dishes, we are constantly supporting each other. Life has not been fair to us. Fate seems to have taken the sweetness out of our lives literally and figuratively too. But we refuse to give in. We try to bring back the sweetness into our lives the best way we can whether it is homemade ice cream made with artificial sweeteners or planning an impromptu weekend getaway; we have chosen to be peaceful and content with the hand that life deals us.


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