Goodbye to Calories

Say Goodbye to Calories, Not Your Favourite Sweets.

Obese! Hearing this word from the doctor’s mouth shook my world. I knew I was overweight. I had been exercising, managing my diet, and so on. But I hadn’t been able to control my sweet tooth. Sweets were my biggest weakness.

“What should we do, Doctor?”, asked the smirking wife. “Well, he’s exercising well and managing his diet. He just needs to give up those sweets now and maybe start exercising everyday instead of just thrice a week. That should do it. Meet me again in three months and we’ll see how you are getting on. However, just to be on the safe side, collect that pamphlet on diabetes from the receptionist on your way out and read up on it. Maybe that will motivate you to give up those sweets.”, he added. I glared at him while my wife giggled.

Life as I knew it was over. My wife decided to obey the doctor’s orders as if an army general had given them and she was a pretty determined to obey. I no longer had any say over my food and sweets! They had been banished from my life with a ruthlessness I never expected from my wife. No amount of begging, cajoling or pleading would make her budge. I went from being a happy, hail fellow-well met kind of guy to being a woebegone, depressed soul whose life no longer held any meaning.

I was disheartened at work and miserable at home. I no longer wanted to eat. At the end of a month, my wife gave up, “I can’t take it anymore. I can’t see you like this. I’m making something sweet for you tonight.” I couldn’t believe my ears! That night I shovelled kheer into my mouth and it tasted like ambrosia. “Aren’t you worried I’ll drop dead.”, I asked. “Not from artificial sweeteners like Kaloree1. I have added its sachets into Kheer after cooking”, she replied.  Finally, I could eat sweets without worrying about the calories


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