Break Your Friendship With Sugar If You Are a Fitness Freak

Sugar is called the white poison for a reason. It’s addictive and filled with unhealthy calories that are difficult to get rid of. Combined with a sedentary lifestyle, it is an open invitation to lifestyle diseases like diabetes and heart disease.

All of us love to have sugar in our morning cup of tea or coffee. Which Indian household doesn’t begin its day with a steaming hot cup of goodness? And by default, we add sugar to it. However, sugar provides our body with only calories and no other nutrient of value. It is converted into glucose for the body to use to fuel energy requirements. If energy isn’t required immediately, the glucose is converted into fat and stored within our body. The more sugar you consume and don’t burn off, the more fat gets stored. Eventually, you begin to gain weight, eventually leading to diabetes and heart disease.

If one is serious about maintaining one’s health and getting fit, it is essential to reduce or stop sugar intake. Just like drugs, our bodies go through withdrawal symptoms when we try to cut out sugar from our lives. People may get headaches; feel low on energy, irritable and so on. The trick is to wean yourself off sugar gradually, reducing your intake of sugar over time. If you find it difficult to live without sweetness in your life, you can always opt for Kaloree 1 – a best sugar substitute in India.



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