Sweat The Sweet

Sweat The Sweet

What not do we try? To keep ourselves fit and make our lives better. Our body makes it possible for us to function throughout the day and as they say – ‘Health is Wealth’, it is necessary for one to keep what they eat and burn in check. Sweets for that matter are comparatively higher in calories and are needed to be taken in proportion. Sugar is thus, then avoided. Which in typical Indian households become a challenge.

Where food equals love, cutting down on fried food might help but not  really make a difference, to take care of which ‘low absorbent’ cooking oils have substituted regular vegetable ones. But what about sweets? Sugar is indispensable right? Wrong! Sweet is. Lower your calorie intake with Kaloree1 without compromising on the taste. The lesser the better, Calories, not sugar! Markets are flooded with sweeteners where ‘Kaloree1, is an artificial sweetener that’s actually sweet’. It is the best sugar free substitute.


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