Eat sugar lose vitamins and minerals

Eat Sugar: Lose Vitamins and Minerals!

The research on sugar and its harmful effects continues as more and more people begin to realize that this sweet-tasting condiment has bitter side-effects. Recent research coming out of laboratories across the world indicates that increased sugar consumption also interferes in vitamin and mineral absorption in our bodies. As we all know, vitamins and minerals are essential nutrients for our health, performing numerous roles to keep our body functioning in top-notch condition. From being involved in producing skin, muscle and bone to creating red blood cells and transmitting neural impulses among our various organs, they act in unison to keep our bodies going. From converting food into energy to repairing cellular damage, their contribution is endless though we may need them in just minute quantities.

Recent research, however, reveals that high sugar consumption interferes with nutrient absorption leading to its depletion. High sugar intake leads to high glucose levels which inhibits the absorption of essential nutrients like Vitamin C as well as increases production of enzymes that prevents the synthesis and storage of Vitamin D; both scenarios that lead to a suppressed immune system and a tendency towards falling ill more frequently. Suppression of Vitamin D absorption also interferes with calcium absorption which adversely affects bone health. Elevated blood sugar and insulin levels also decrease magnesium absorption, causing our kidneys to excrete magnesium at a faster rate, forming a vicious cycle.  Shifting to sugarless alternatives seems to be a healthier lifestyle choice in the long run.


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