How sugar affects energy levels

How Sugar Affects Energy Levels

None of us can deny the fact that we enjoy sugar in our tea and coffee. And we may not say no to a yummy sweet treat if it is offered, right? In short, all of us enjoy the sweetness that sugar brings but many of us consume sugary foods and beverages and use sugar in unhealthy ways. Though they may not be addicted to sugar, their pattern of use can be scary and potentially harmful for their prolonged well-being.

The brain uses glucose as a fuel and uses the energy from sugar when it is available. When more sugar is consumed, the brain treats it as a reward and wants more of it. Eating more sugar reinforces the reward mechanism, making it difficult to break the habit.

Because sugar is quickly turned into glucose, consuming it creates a spike in energy levels but for a short duration of time as it is quickly processed by the body. Once the body finishes processing it, it causes an instant crash in energy levels. On the other hand, consuming sweet fruits takes time to be processed by the body due to the presence of fiber, minerals, and proteins, which causes the process to slow down and glucose to be gradually released into the body. As a result, the energy levels are maintained for a longer duration of time.

Even if you don’t consume sugar per se, having a diet rich in carbohydrates can also be a matter of concern. This is because, carbohydrates are broken down into simple sugars by the body, which in turn are converted into glucose. This too can make the energy levels spike and crash, if they are not eaten with nutrition-rich foods.

Many people try to deal with their dependence with sugar by stopping its consumption and giving up everything sweet, including natural sugars that are found in fruits, dairy, and whole grain. This is a drastic measure that is difficult to keep up with and causes many people to fall back into their old eating patterns. Instead, it is better to slowly ease sugar out of the diet and replace it with natural, healthy alternatives.


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