Ways to Limit Sugar Consumption

Ways to Limit Sugar Consumption

Ask anyone on a diet to give up sugar, and they will tell you that it is impossible. But if you look at the foods which we consume that contain sugar, you will find that these are products that have gained popularity only since the 1960’s and 1970’s. Juices, cold drinks, candies, baked goods, processed foods, etc. all are recent additions to our dietary lifestyle. The question one needs to ask oneself is whether all these products have a relevant place in our daily eating habits or whether we are taking the easy way out of eating healthy.

An easy way to limit sugar consumption is to first identify which items, does one regularly consume, that contain sugar. Tea or coffee is usually the first item on this list. The easiest way to reduce sugar consumption in tea or coffee is to reduce the number of cups of the beverage one drinks daily, substitute sugar with an artificial sweetener like Kaloree1 or opt for healthier and flavoured options like green tea, rose tea, vanilla – flavoured coffee and so on. One can also opt for natural sweeteners like honey to sweeten drinks like nimbu paani, lassi, etc.

Giving up processed or ready-to-eat foods is also an easy way to reduce sugar consumption. Most packaged goods contain some amount of sugar, however miniscule it may be. So give up those bourbon biscuits and coconut cookies. Instead opt for healthier snacks like dry fruits, sunflower seeds, chiwda, etc. Improve your cooking skills by trying to bake your biscuits at home. Replace sugar with cane sugar or honey. Try adding naturally sweet fruits and vegetables into your cakes such as apple, mango and carrots for a deliciously sweet treat. Grated papaya and carrots taste yummy in a raita instead of the packaged boondi one usually adds. It’s easy to limit one’s sugar consumption, all it requires is a little creativity. After all, where there is a will, there is a way.


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