Enjoy Sweets Without Worrying About Calories

Enjoy Sweets Without Worrying About Calories

The sultry temperatures and high humidity levels during a North Indian summer can easily leave one feeling zapped and exhausted. Dehydration can trigger thirst and sugar cravings too, as one begins to feel fatigued. Nothing seems more welcome than a cool, refreshing, sweet treat at such times. It is also common to crave something sweet at the end of one’s meal. However, for many people sugar is a big NO. Many people are opting to remove sugar from their diets, either due to diseases like diabetes, obesity, etc. or because they are opting for healthier lifestyles. Irrespective of their reasons, they struggle to avoid sugar when it comes to having sweets. Most of our Indian sweets are loaded with sugar, proving to be a challenge for healthy eaters.

Luckily, Kaloree1 provides a healthy alternative for sugar, especially when it comes to no-cook, no-bake sweets. All one needs to do is replace the amount of sugar in the recipe with an equivalent amount of Kalore1. For example, when you are cooking kheer, cook it the way you usually do but don’t add any sugar. Once it is cooked, serve it hot or cold, and sprinkle some Kaloree1 on top. You get the sweetness without the calories. Similarly, replace the sugar from your favourite sweets with Kaloree1. Bake or fry your jalebis and then dust them with Kaloree1 to enjoy a unique, healthy treat.

Replace sugar from your favourite drinks, cocktails and mocktails with Kaloree1. Nobody will notice any difference in taste and you get to enjoy the full flavor without having to worry about consuming all those empty calories.  You can even adapt your favourite baked recipes. Don’t add sugar to the recipe. Instead opt for fragrant spices like cinnamon, rosemary and nutmeg. Add appropriate amounts to your cookies or cakes. Once baked, dust them with Kaloree1. The dust of Kaloree1 combined with the sweet fragrance of the spices will make for a healthy, sweet treat free from unwanted calories. So don the chef’s hat right away and start experimenting.


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