Take care of your sweet tooth with these simple tips

Take care of your sweet tooth with these simple tips

Everyone likes to eat something sweet. And if you have had a stressful or tiring day, haven’t had enough sleep or water or food during the course of the day, then the cravings for sugar increase tenfold.  Here are some tips to battle those sugar cravings:

 Give in a little:

Sometimes, its okay to give in to those sugar cravings and eat a bit of what you’re craving like a piece of chocolate or a small biscuit. This can help you to avoid the feeling that you are denying yourself something you love and later fall prey to temptation. However, try to limit your sugar intake to 150 calories.

 Combine foods:

Combine unhealthy sugar cravings with healthy ones. For example, if you are craving chocolates and know that you will not be able to stop at one piece, make yourself a chocolate-coated fruit snack. The sweetness of the fruit will satisfy your craving for sugar and also restrict the amount of chocolate you consume.

Go cold turkey:

For some people who are trying to give up sugar, the strategy of cutting out all simple sugars works better helping their cravings to reduce after a few days. Others observe that  they still have cravings but are able to train their taste buds to be satisfied with less over time.

Chew some gum:

Another option to avoid succumbing to a sugar craving is to try chewing some gum.

Munch on some fruit.

Munch on some fruit or dried fruit when you begin to crave sugar. Keep it handy in a small box in your bag. This way you’ll get fiber and nutrients along with the sweetness for when sugar cravings hit. You’ll get fiber and nutrients along with some sweetness and avoid the empty calories.

Remember to eat regularly and often and drink plenty of water to keep those sugar cravings at bay.


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