Disadvantages of Consuming Sugar

Disadvantages of Consuming Sugar

Consuming SugarThough sugar is derived from natural ingredients like beetroots, sugar canes and corn, the process of turning these natural ingredients into the sweet substance we all love so much, strips away all its nutrients leaving it with empty calories and absolutely no nutritional value. Some of the unseen disadvantages of consuming sugar that many people are unaware about include:


Sugar feeds the bacteria in our mouths, leaving behind an acid that wears away the tooth enamel resulting in rotting teeth. Common culprits include sugary drinks, dried fruits, candy, chocolate as well as sour candies, the latter which have the worst impact as they are almost as acidic as battery acid. Eating anything sweet or sweet and sour, should be followed by rinsing out the mouth with water afterwards or drinking some milk to neutralize the acid.

Poor Sleep

Consuming excessive amounts of sugar during the day can affect blood glucose levels resulting in energy spikes and crashes causing an individual to struggle to stay awake during the day and keep one awake at night. It also can shorten the time spent in deep sleep causing the individual to wake up feeling irritable and exhausted instead of refreshed.


Too much fructose consumption can lead to a chemical called purines being released when it is broken down by the body which in turn causes uric acid to build up in the blood, forming hard crystals in the joints like the big toe, knees, etc which are very painful.


New research reveals that excessive sugar consumption may add years to an individual’s biological age. This is because DNA called telomeres cover the end of your chromosomes to protect them from damage. The longer the telomeres, the better it is. Shortened telomeres may linked with age-related diseases like diabetes with one study finding that people who drink 20 ounces of soda a day have shorter telomeres which is like adding more than 4 years to the age of one’s cells.


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