Skip the Sugar And Value Your Health

Skip the Sugar And Value Your Health

Sugar, also known as the ‘white killer’ does more harm to our health than we are aware of. Our bodies have evolved to survive without sugar. Throughout our evolution, we survived without sugar. We did not need it because we did not have it. Whatever sugar needs our body had, were met by the natural sugars occurring in the foods we consumed. Sugar became a part of our diet once human beings started growing food instead of gathering it. With the industrial revolution and trade opening between countries and continents, the demand for sugar increased as did its popularity. People moved from natural sweeteners like honey and molasses to refined sugar. Initially, the privilege of the rich, sugar soon became accessible to the masses. With the accessibility came the diseases from tooth decay to obesity and diabetes.

People, today, are beginning to understand the dangers of sugar consumption. More and more people are opting to remove sugar from their kitchens and embrace a healthier lifestyle. Removing sugar not only helps in promoting weight loss and maintaining healthy blood sugar and insulin levels, it also has people reporting that after reducing and/or removing sugar from their diets, they feel more energetic, focused, and have better attention spans and recall of things and events. Initially, they experienced reduced energy levels, irritation and low enthusiasm accompanied  by strong sugar cravings but once their bodies adapted to a life without sugar, they were back to feeling like new people again. So if you value your health, remove sugar from your diet. You don’t have to go through unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. Instead, you can enjoy a smooth transition from sugar to a sugar-less life with the help of Kaloree1, a healthy sugar alternative. Don’t think about it, go buy one today.


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