Life without sugar

Life Without Sugar

Obesity sucks. Being a foodie with a sweet tooth just adds to the torture. Trying to get into shape before your health abandons you seems impossible. That’s what I went through. I am a pastry chef and keep travelling to find new flavours and invent new recipes.  My desserts have won awards across the world and I love seeing people happy when they eat what I create. Unfortunately, making award-winning desserts also involves tasting them. As a result, my waistline has won inches to add to add to itself. I was so busy making mouth-watering desserts that I didn’t realize I was neglecting my health. At my last award ceremony, I found myself panting as I walked down to the stage and climbed up seven steps to receive it. The next day, I saw a red-faced, flushed and slightly panting photograph of me on the front page of the leading national paper. How embarrassing!

I vowed that it wouldn’t happen again and decided to and get back into shape. There was no way I could get out of tasting my creations. And if I continued eating sugar, I could say goodbye to my health. I was in a quandary. Finally, it dawned on me that there would be many people out there in the same boat as me. My search moved beyond my own narrow focus into the bigger world around me. I began to search for healthier ways to make delectable desserts that diabetics and the health conscious around the world could enjoy. My discoveries lead me to incorporate everything from artificial sweeteners to substitutes into my desserts. Today, I’m no longer obese and tomorrow I will be winning an award for the innovative sugarless dessert bar that I’ve opened in the Maximum City.


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