Quit Your Sugar Cravings

Quit Your Sugar Cravings

Quit your sugar cravings? Why on earth would someone do something so insane? Everyone likes something sweet which is the taste of sugar. Is there anyone on this planet who would say no to a cup or cone of ice-cream, a piece or bar of chocolate, a syrupy hot jalebi, a soft succulent gulab jamun or a piece of rich crispy shahi tukda? No, right? Then why quit my sugar cravings?!?Sure, sugar has a bad reputation. It’s filled with empty calories; it adds inches to the waistline and kilos to the weighing scale; it gives Mr. Insulin crazy mood swings but that doesn’t mean I’d quit it. It’s like saying you’ll abandon your kid for eating too much or throwing a temper tantrum. Who does that? I can’t abandon my cravings at all. No Siree! Sweetness makes the world go around. I can quit the sugar but not the cravings.

The cravings will always be there. So what should I do once I quit sugar? Where do I get my next dose of sweetness from?

The answer, my friend, lies right in front of your nose. Kaloree1. Kaloree1 is a natural substitute for sugar that has all of its sweetness with very little of the calories and none of the bad reputation. Just a single tablet is equal to a teaspoon full of sugar. I can use it for all my favourite sweet things from gajar ka halwa to a healthy smoothie. I can indulge my cravings for sweetness to the hilt and quit sugar too. That’s killing two birds with one stone! Its natural ingredients don’t play havoc with my health. It helps me to keep my inches and kilos under control and is very friendly with Mr. Insulin, keeping him balanced and not sending him haywire.

What more could a person ask for? Kaloree1 has helped me quit my sugar cravings but not my sweetness cravings. Nobody understands my love for sweetness better than Kaloree1.


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