Kaloree1 is the Sweetest Resolution one can Switch To

I was diagnosed with prediabetes last year. What it basically meant was that I was a couple of gulab jamuns away from becoming a diabetic or a kilo of jalebi away. If you prefer the western style, i was a pound of chocolate away from being seperated from my first love and being granted a life-long divorce from sugar. If you haven’t already understood, I’ve got a bit of a tiny sweet tooth. I like my morsel of sweetness after a meal and a bite of something sweet to eat at tea-time is welcome too. IF you offered me something to eat, I wouldn’t say no, that would be just plain rude and what kind of an example would I be setting for the coming generations, then? My loving wife, bless her soul, usually agreed with me on these points. She used to start out by disagreeing with me but I could eventually bring her around to my point of view with a couple of sweet nothings whispered into her ears.

But all of that hanged the moment the doctor uttered the words “prediabetes”. My lovely, occasionally reproving wife turned into a fire-breathing dragon warrioress the moment the words ‘sweet’ or ‘sugar’ were mentioned. Her eyes would narrow, her nostrils flare, a red blush would crawl up her neck and slowly spread across her face, she’d take in a deep breath and then unleash the terrors of the three horsemen of the apocalypse on me. Nay, she was worse. I’m sure the three horsemen and I would be fast friends munching on black forest pastries, as long as she didn’t catch us. If she did, even the horsemen would flee from her in terror!

I had reached my wits ends. Our sweet loving relationship was on the rocks unless I did something fast. Luckily, my doctor told me about Kaloree1 and my dragon agreed to let me try it out. peace reigns in our kingdom so far.


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