Benefits of low calorie sweetener

Benefits of low calorie Sweetener

Consumers of low-calorie sweeteners believe that they provide many advantages in terms of maintaining and reducing weight, managing diabetes, reducing dental caries and reducing risks associated with obesity. Besides this, they provide the consumer with the psychological comfort of catering to their cravings for sweetness without providing a lot of calories. Most consumers of low-calorie sweeteners use them as an integral part of their overall healthy lifestyle. Most users of these sweeteners use them to manage their weight, as part of a weight-loss diet or a diabetic lifestyle. Some of the benefits of these low-calorie sweeteners are as follows:

  • They offer a way to control calorie intake, permitting users to substitute higher calorie foods and beverages with their low-calorie counterparts. This has increased the availability of good tasting, low-calorie foods, and beverages, providing users with a wide range of choices that can be incorporated into their lifestyle, while still maintaining their weight.
  • Many people working on losing or maintaining their weight, including diabetics, are advised to burn more calories than they consume either by increasing their physical activity or by consuming a lesser amount of calories or preferably, using both approaches. Low-calorie best sugar substitutes are a great help as they help to reduce calorie intake while still providing enough sweetness.
  • A lot of successful research has been conducted on human beings as well as animals to study the effectiveness of low-calorie sweeteners in controlling caloric intake, making it ethical for medical and health professionals to recommend their use.

Besides the use of artificial sweeteners, other factors such as a healthy diet, regular exercise and proper medication as required, contribute towards having a healthy lifestyle and managing health issues like obesity, diabetes and heart disease. Low-calorie sweeteners, alone, cannot be used and held responsible to manage these conditions.


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