What you eat can either be a powerful medicine or a slow poison

What You Eat Can Either Be a Powerful Medicine or a Slow Poison

Throughout evolution, what man has eaten has determined his chances of survival. As a caveman, he had to know which foods were safe to eat and which were unsafe. When he started growing crops, he needed to know which crops would be beneficial to plant, how to protect them from pests and disease, when to harvest them and how to recognize and avoid produce that had gone bad. Eating the wrong food could result in illness, agonising pain or even death while eating the right food could not only keep one healthy but also cure diseases and illnesses.

This holds true even today. What we eat determines so many aspects of our life and health. Choosing to eat healthy can result in a healthy, disease-free body and a long life span. Making the wrong food choices can result in a sick body and a very short life. Food, thus can be a powerful medicine when used wisely or a slow poison when consumed foolishly. A popular saying goes that food should be consumed like a medicine. This means that food should be consumed in small quantities like a medicine is consumed. This helps the body  to absorb all the necessary nutrients without having to work overtime.

When food is consumed in excess, it becomes a poison for our system. The body has to work harder to process it and filter out the nutrients from the unnecessary stuff. The overwork affects the body’s functioning leading to it becoming sick and various functions get affected. For example gastric problems, indigestion, fatty liver problem, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, etc. are all in some way linked to over-consumption of certain foods. Therefore it is important to eat thoughtfully and mindfully.

Some foods can easily be eliminated from your diets to a large extent. Sugar and salt are two such examples. Salt is needed in very small amounts just to maintain the body’s electrolyte balance while most of our sugar needs are met by the natural sugars found in foods naturally. However, if one finds it difficult to eliminate sugar entirely, one can always opt for healthier alternatives like Kaloree1: the country’s best artificial sweetener.


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