Say NO to Cheeni ka bojh

Say NO to Cheeni Ka Bojh

Can you imagine a life without sweetness? No? Neither can we. Life would be boring without your favourite sweets. Unfortunately, this sweetness comes at a huge price. Not only is sugar expensive in terms of price, it also extracts a huge cost in terms of health. Exposure to varied sweet products is resulting in very young children getting tooth decay, diabetes and suffering from obesity. So why do we keep turning to this expensive treat? Don’t you want to get rid of this burden on your health and your pocket?

If you do, here is your chance. Say ‘No’ to this cheeni ka bhoj. Instead, include foods that are naturally sweet in your diet. Increase your intake of nuts, fruits and fresh raw vegetables. If you still feel the need for something sweet, opt for artificial sweeteners. They provide all the sweetness your tastebuds desire without any of the calories and unhealthy side effects. Artificial sweeteners do not result in insulin spikes, which means that they are safe for diabetics to consume too. The blood sugar levels can be regulated resulting in a healthier lifestyle for you. Furthermore, they have miniscule amounts of  calories which means that  can enjoy the sweet taste without worrying too much about your weight and waistline. It’s also cheaper than sugar any day of the year.

Kaloree1 is one of the best artificial sweeteners on the market. In fact, if one were to compare sugar versus Kaloree1, Kaloree1 would win the competition hands down. It has a negligible amount of calories compared to the same amount of regular table sugar. It acts as a bridge during your transition from your accustomed diet of sugary foods towards a sugar free lifestyle. In fact, it can help you wean yourself off sugar in a healthy manner. Aren’t these enough reasons to say ‘no’ to sugar right away.


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