Eliminate sugar from your diet with these simple steps

Eliminate Sugar from your diet with these Simple Steps

It is common knowledge that sugar is bad for you. Giving up sugar or at least eating less of it is a smart move. Too much sugar puts one at risk for type 2 diabetes and a whole host of other health issues. Unfortunately, eliminating sugar completely is not possible as most processed food from soups and breads to packaged goods contain sugar in some form and quantity. You can however cut back on added sugars. Here are some tips for reducing sugar in your life:

Eat more often:

Allowing yourself to get ravenously hungry increases your chances of getting cravings for sugar making it more likely that you will reach for sugary foods with empty calories instead of opting for healthy meals and snacks. While our busy lifestyle may make us forget about meals and cause us to skip them, eating often is important for your health. Choose to eat five smaller meals a day, or three meals and a healthy snack in between each.

Drink more water:

Staying well hydrated is crucial to not getting cravings. Often dehydration causes us to crave sweet things increasing our tendency to choose sugary drinks or foods. Sipping on fluids or water helps your body to better understand when it needs fuel.

Eat fresh food instead of processed food

Practically all processed foods contain sugar in some amount so avoiding them and eating fresh foods is a healthier option and an easy way to eliminate sugar from your life. You can always add spices such as nutmeg, cinnamon, anise to flavor your food.

Read labels:

Make it a habit to always read the label when you buy packaged and processed foods. Check the ingredients to see if sugar is listed as an ingredient. If it is, then the product contains sugar. This is how we end up eating more than the daily recommended amount of sugar because it is unnecessarily added to many things such as bread.

While giving up an ingredient like sugar is difficult, the benefits of doing so clearly outweigh the struggle.


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