Eat Wise, Drop a Size

It’s that time of the year. The time when the sun blazes down upon you and gives you an opportunity to show off those toned arms and legs you’ve been working so hard for, that you sacrificed those five more minutes of sleep for to hit the gym these past six months. It’s time for slim fits and silhouette styles. Right?

Mmmmm….not really.  You still don’t feel that you are quite ready to go sleeveless this summer. You’ve been exercising but still haven’t met your targets yet. You’ve religiously followed your diet but feel exhausted instead of energized. You feel lighter but not fit and not really toned enough. You feel like you are nearly there but there’s something missing that you can’t pinpoint exactly. Well, just exercising isn’t the solution. You also need to eat wise. Eating wise is a much healthier option than dieting or starvation. What a lot of people don’t realise is that our body requires alls types of foods in moderation. Completely giving up certain food items from your diet can cause you inconvenience down the line.

Most often people cut out sugar from their diet in order to lose weight or in an attempt to eat healthy, not realising that our body needs a little bit of energy released by sugar to function effectively. So what would the next best option for them, be? The best choice would be to opt for a sugar substitute like Kaloree1. It provides the sweetness of sugar, without the additional calories and does not cause a sudden rise in insulin levels. You can add it to almost anything that you used to add sugar to without changing the taste. It’s an easy step to eating wise. Combined with exercise, there’s no stopping you. You’ll find yourself looking and feeling better with the dress sizes just dropping off. Don’t wait, go pick up our Kaloree1 today.


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