Don’t dig your grave with your own spoon

Don’t Dig Your Grave With Your Own Spoon

All of us want to live healthy, long, productive lives, doing the things that bring us joy and give our life meaning. Being physically fit, thus, plays an important role as it will allow us to do what we want. It, therefore, becomes crucial to know what is and is not good for us. Food plays a major role in keeping us healthy. What we put inside our bodies can either nourish us or poison us. Most of the time, we eat healthy, following the rules of a balanced diet, avoiding junk food, unhealthy foods and so on. However there is one item, found in nearly every kitchen across the world that is regularly used despite having absolutely no nutritional benefit. Though it tastes awesome, it is addictive and does more harm than good. That item, my friends, is sugar.

People who eat more sugar have been found to have lower levels of essential nutrients such as Vitamins A, B-12, C, chromium and calcium in their systems resulting in dangerous health issues for children and teenagers.  All of us know about the obvious effects of high sugar consumption, namely tooth decay, cavities, plaque build-up and gum disease. However, most people are not aware that dental problems can result in chronic infections which in turn can cause heart disease. Sugar also causes our blood glucose levels to rise and then fall sharply, which results in greater cravings for sugar and causes false hunger pangs while also resulting in mood swings, tiredness, headaches, insulin resistance and in some cases even increased levels of stress, irritability and unexplained anxiousness. It also hinders your immune system from fighting diseases and infections effectively. So think twice before you add that spoonful of sugar to your morning cup of tea or coffee. You could just be digging you own grave, one spoonful at a time. Switch to healthier alternatives like artificial sweeteners instead and live till you reach a century.


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