Same Taste, Same Feeling

I’m a lucky guy. My wife loves to make sweet dishes and I have a huge sweet tooth. We make the perfect team. She creates, I taste and give her feedback. She incorporates the changes and the cycle repeats itself. She is so good, that now she makes sweets on order. Our second honeymoon was paid for by her. Who am I to complain? I was enjoying the best of both worlds. However, my joyride came to an end when my physician asked me to keep a tight rein on my sugar intake. Diabetes ran in my family and so did heart disease. I took his advice very seriously.

When I got back home, I broke the news to my wife. She took the news in her stride and told me she supported me. In fact, she started feeling guilty about all the tasting sessions that I had been a  part of and swore that no more would I taste any of her creations. We made the appropriate changes in our lifestyle. Since sugar couldn’t leave our kitchen, I was asked to leave it. Sugar disappeared from my life but not from my sight. My wife would very considerately try to organise tasting sessions, and deliveries during my office hours so that I wouldn’t be tempted.

One day I came home to dinner to see my favourite sweet dish waiting on the table. My wife revealed that she had been looking up artificial sweeteners that she could substitute for sugar and had finally discovered Kaloree 1, one that tasted good and the result was for me to enjoy. As I ate the sweet dish I could feel the same love I felt in every sweet dish my wife made for me.


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