My First Karva Chauth

My First Karva Chauth

I come from a family of foodies and world renowned chefs. My husband, too, is a chef and my in-laws are the biggest foodies I’ve ever seen. More planning and family involvement went into our wedding dinner than into finding us our respective spouses, such is the passion for food in our families. We must be among the few lucky couples who actually got a chance to sit down and enjoy our first meal together, as husband and wife, with our respective families. Such was the extent of meticulous detail that went into the planning! However, with such a great love for food, also comes great responsibility. Needless to say, we also take our health seriously and the dawning day will find everyone working out and exercising, right from the youngest 5- year old to the eldest octogenarian in the family. In fact, I felt I was well on my way to enjoying my happily ever after; until fate intervened. Three months after my wedding in January this year, I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. I felt my world collapsing around me.

Here I was, just married, in my early twenties, with my whole life ahead of me. I didn’t know what to do. Nobody in my family had a history of diabetes. Everyone rallied around me, helping me to adjust to the topsy – turvy chaos that the diagnosis brought with it. I tried my best to stick to the new dietary restrictions while my family tried adapting to them too. The toughest day, however, was Karvachauth.

It was the first time that I was going to fast for the longevity of my husband, something that I had been looking forward to all my life. But because of the diabetes, I felt I wouldn’t be able to eat most of the traditional Sargi foods. I had been looking forward to being fed the ‘meethi mathi’ by my mother-in-law. To my surprise, early morning on Karva Chauth, my mother-in-law fed me regular mathi sprinkled with powdered Kaloree1 tablets to make it sweet. She had remembered my desire and had tried to fulfill it without risking my health. All through the day, my family took care of me, monitoring my blood sugar levels and ensuring nothing averse happened to me. Everyone fasted with me to show their love for me. More than my husband, I was showered with love on Karvachauth. And he was there with me every step of the way, even after I had been diagnosed with diabetes, just as he had promised me on our wedding day. My first Karva Chauth turned into my most beautiful memory. With my family and Kaloree1 by my side, I don’t fear Type 1 diabetes anymore!


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