Diabetes Is No Match for a Fitness

Diabetes Is No Match for a Fitness- Based Life.

As a diabetic, I know about the important role discipline and fitness play in my life. Though the temptation to let down my guard is great, the knowledge that I would only be cheating myself keeps me on the right path. Being disciplined about food is quite the challenge. Every morsel I eat needs to be carefully planned and scheduled so that my insulin levels don’t go erratic. I need to maintain a balanced level of blood sugar else it can lead to dizzy spells, breathlessness, or blackouts which can be dangerous as I go about my daily routine. Eating just a small sweet or a tiny morsel of dessert can cause a spike in my insulin levels while eating less at meal-times can cause a drop in insulin levels sooner than I expected.

Neither is good for me. It took me ages of working with my physician and dietician to carefully plan out the exact diet routine and combination of foods that work for me. The most difficult aspect we struggled with was finding an alternative to sugar. I struggled with reducing the amount I consumed to restricting myself only to natural alternatives but nothing worked for me. Finally, I discovered that artificial sweeteners helped me more than natural substitutes, so I incorporated them into my diet and it has been a great help.

However, food alone isn’t enough to manage my diabetes. I also need to exercise to manage my blood sugar levels and stay fit. Regular exercise also helps me to keep my weight at an ideal number, help build muscle mass, keep my body toned and keep my immune system strong. As a diabetic, even the smallest injury takes longer to heal for me than others. Therefore, I need to be very careful about what I do and how I do it. It’s not easy but being disciplined is the key.


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